Tomorrow does not yet exist, but perhaps your plans already do, if so, we need to talk right away.

We enjoy building our own way. Since 1890. With 350 employees. With modules. And as the market leader in the healthcare sector for hi-tech buildings using the modular construction method. And if everything changes tomorrow, we simply take it down and build it somewhere else – whether it's a clinic, a data centre or an office building. After all, 'tomorrow' is what we make of it together: a modular construction building that is ready before it's even been built. Future-oriented. Individual. Exclusive. Cadolto modular construction has the highest degree of industrial building fabrication in the world. We produce up to 90 % of the building in our production facilities – independent of the weather, subject to constant quality controls, meeting deadlines and within budget.



The Capital Region of Denmark is a public authority headed by democratically elected politicians which manages hospitals, performs research and services for the disabled and undertakes environment​​al duties. The Region collaborates with municipalities and the business community on developments concerning traffic, business and education. It covers the geographical area of ​​Copenhagen and North Zealand including Copenhagen airport and one of its main objectives is that hospitals, businesses, and corporate centers are run with the lowest CO2 impact possible.

The Capital Region focuses on initiatives in the areas of energy, waste as resources, transport, and green public procurement to develop more environmentally friendly hospitals. It promotes green growth and innovation in the region in close cooperation with private companies, knowledge institutions, and other relevant actors in the field. The Capital Region of Denmark is a part of Greater Copenhagen. Greater Copenhagen is a business and political collaboration between 79 municipalities and 3 regions in Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden. Greater Copenhagen is home to 3.9 million people. The vision is to attain a position as one of the most successful metropolises in Europe.



ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We have more than 160 offices in over 40 countries and territories employing more than 5,000 people who work on projects around the world.

Over the past three years we have worked for more than 50 per cent of the Global Fortune 500 delivering innovative solutions clients helping them understand and manage the sustainability challenges they face. We support the healthcare sector across the project and asset life cycle, through: planning, permitting and new market entry; operational management, regulatory compliance, safety transformation, climate change risk, and product stewardship; and waste management and site exit.

Our clients include major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis, and service providers such as the NHS.



McCall Intertrade is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ADL (Aids for Daily Living) products.

McCall is an innovative and agile company committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their customers and business partners. The company is driven by its culture and passion about what they do, always curious to discover or create the best solutions and guided by 25 years of experience, they have a history of delivering ground-breaking products for their customers. 



The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) is a cross-sector cluster for stakeholders, organisations, projects, and expert knowledge within sustainable healthcare.

NCSH is a umbrella organisation for existing companies, projects and competence with a focus on the Nordic countries. NCSH was founded 2015 and already have 50 members from companies, hospitals, NGOs and universities.




Nora systems develops, produces and distributes high-quality rubber floor coverings, steptreads and accessories.  With more than 300 variations of colour, design and surface in the standard assortment, the two product lines norament and noraplan offer a huge spectrum and wealth of inspiration for creative design in modern architecture.


Rubber is an extremely effective and perfectly tolerable raw material. All nora floor coverings made of rubber are certified as having low emission levels and they contribute to ensuring that the indoor air remains healthy and uncontaminated. They contain no plasticizers (phthalates), halogens (like chlorine) or PVC. This is substantiated by the awards of the world’s leading quality certificates such as the German Blue Angel or the Finnish M1. The Greenguard Environmental Institute has also certified the excellent indoor air compatibility of nora floor coverings. Not only that, but they require absolutely no coating at all since the rubber surface is by its very nature extremely resistant. This obviates the need for regular and environmentally harmful renewals of a coating using aggressive chemicals as it is common with other resilient floor coverings.

The environmental and health safety of nora floor coverings is guaranteed by coordinated and certified all-in-one systems. Products from nora can also make a positive contribution to the certification of buildings in line with LEED, DGNB, BREEAM and other systems. 




Pharmafilter designs, builds, and operates an integrated onsite waste and wastewater system for Healthcare. Pharmafilter represents a change in the way we work that positively enhances the work environment, patient safety, and care. It is an environmentally friendly and economical way of dealing with complex waste, sewage, and wastewater streams emanating from the hospitals.


It is a thoroughly integrated waste and wastewater management system that at every interface delivers a significant improvement in the handling, removal, and treatment of waste and wastewater streams arising in hospitals. Waste no longer leaves the hospital through corridors and lifts. The waste is fully purified and cleansed of all harmful substances in the onsite Pharmafilter plant. The wastewater from the hospital is fully purified and cleansed of all harmful substances such as medicinal residues, cytostatics, contrast liquids, endocrine substances, bacteria, and viruses. Pharmafilter system greatly simplifies the methods by which waste and wastewater is handled and decontaminated






Enabling better health and better care at lower cost

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's lives across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Applying advanced technologies, and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips delivers integrated solutions that improve people's health and enable better outcomes. Partnering with its customers, Philips seeks to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced. The company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care.



Scopro learning solutions presents a novel Blended Learning platform for further education in Clinical Environmental Medicine.

The Blended Learning approach aspires not only to provide academic knowledge but also to ensure its practical application. This education represents a logical consequence to the progressive digitalization of our society.

Clinical Environmental Medicine is a novel discipline that deals with the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of environmentally associated illnesses. Identifying environmentally induced disease processes is the highly complex challenge of this field. Stressors of all aspects of daily life are thus identified, and individual sensitivity as well as chronic burden are taken into consideration. The interaction of immunological effects, availability of neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, and neuropeptides, their effect on receptors, and the possible depletion of micronutrients all play a role as well as the individual susceptibility and vulnerability of the patient.

This complex concept of disease is not found to this degree in any other medical specialty yet. It clearly contrasts with the old scientific approach of classical disciplines which still remain in reductionism dealing with a mono-causal and linear cause/effect principle characteristic. 


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The final day of CleanMed Europe 2016 began with a wide range of parallel sessions where participants shared ideas and best practices on a wide range of topics...
The sun came out in Copenhagen for Day 2 of CleanMed Europe 2016 as 250 delegates gathered for the continuation of the conference at the UN City.

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