Market Lounge

In the market lounge the sessions will be more intimate and personal than a parallel session, and we offer you three sessions with a maximum of 10 participants.

You will hear a 15 minute presentation from a single presenter, immediately followed by a 10 minute discussion with the speaker and the other 10 participants. Discussing in smaller groups will give you an opportunity for a more detailed conversation with great networking opportunities.

Once you have concluded your first session, participants will move on to their next table and hear a further two more presentations in the same format.

With a faster pace than a parallel session, the market lounge encourages brevity/efficient dialogue and gives you initial contact with key players and interested parties.

CleanMed Europe staff will be on hand to help run the session. 


T1 - Driving for near to zero, energy hospitals, Matthew Bacon

T2 - Transforming Prenatal Care for Healthier Babies, Alexandra Destler

T3 - UNDP tool for Healthcare Procurement and the Compliance with International Environmental Conventions in Chemicals, Ignacio Sanchez Diaz

T4 - Supply Chain Compliance Management, Siri Engesaeth

T5 - Health "á la carte": Education, integration and social responsibility, María Jesús Gonzalez Callejas

T6 - Ethical criteria in public procurement: The Swedish example and the work of International Working Group of Ethical Public Procurement Linda Scott Jakobsson

T7 The global relevance of pharmaceuticals in the environment – a UBA database, Anette Küster

T8 - Operation TLC: Staff engagement for healing patient environments that don't waste energy, Chris Large

T9 - A new database with pharmaceuticals in the environment, Siv Martini

T10 - #medsdisposal – raising awareness on appropriate medicines disposal across disciplines, Tiia Metiäinen

T11 - Circular Economy: Collaborations to Recycle Plastic Waste in Healthcare, Sara Mewton

T12 - Presenting the Saving Lives Sustainably - Online Knowledge-Hub on Good Practices in Sustainable Health Procurement and Manufacturing, Mirjana Milic

T13 - Reduction of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through intervention in healthcare wastewater management: improving the environment-human-health cycle, Ole Pahl

T14 - Protecting Patients from Air Pollution. Building advice in to the patient care pathway, and advocating for lower pollution, Natasha Parker

T15 - Ethical Procurement For Health; a practical guide for public authorities, Arthy Santhakumar

T16 - Breaking bad: Are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians sustainable practitioners? Judith Singleton

T17 - How hospitals around the world are are responding to climate change: mitigating their contribution, enhancing their resilience and being advocates for change in their communities, Scott Slotterback

T18 - Asset sharing: Reinventing management of equipment, stock, facilities and knowledge, Lieke van Kerkhoven

T19 - Choice of treatment impacts the climate, Kirsten Walter

T20 - Reducing food waste through sustainable procurement: stories from the healthcare sector, Grazia Cioci & Paola Hernandez

T21 - Using carbon data to communicate, Sonia Roschnik

T22: On the base of a Clinical Environmental Medicine, a new complex scientific approach is needed in order to optimise current risk-assessment and management, Peter Ohnsorge



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